How Does a Logistics Solution Provider Create a Successful Supply Chain?

19 Feb

A leading provider of global cloud-based services for quality and supply chain management (CMC) and product lifecycle management (PLC), NGC Software, a premier provider of managed software for supply chain analysis and solutions, has announced that Inbound Logistics will be joining the Top 100 Logistics Technology Providers in the world. NGC is the largest private provider of computer network-based software and solutions. Inbound Logistics was selected from among the other supply chain providers that had been invited to participate in the forum. This is the second year in a row that NGC has achieved this prestigious honor.

Inbound Logistics is a cloud-based software that automates business logistics, delivering real-time inventory management and operational reporting. The software automates freight and transportation dispatch and logistics asset management, giving businesses increased access to important business intelligence tools and reducing overall logistics costs. Business logistics experts agree that the key to long-term success is incorporating innovative technologies into business logistics systems, such as those powered by enterprise resource planning software (ERP), and eliminating inefficiencies across the supply chain. Experts also agree that technology-led business logistics strategies will continue to play a critical role in the way companies manage their supply chains.

""When you go to the market to find a logistics solution provider, you want to know they are going to provide you with the highest levels of performance, not just now, but for many years to come as well,"" says Mike Johnson, vice president of marketing for NGC. ""We have spent a lot of time working with our clients to understand what their business logistics needs are and then designing solutions that meet those requirements."" NGC's clientele include Fortune 500 companies, regional logistics managers and manufacturing corporations.

One of the first things a logistics provider does is create a comprehensive inventory system, one that enables the company to make informed decisions about its assets. The inventory management, which includes bar coding and design of quality assurance product tags, reduces errors and extends the product life cycle. A logistics solution provider also creates a comprehensive vendor and drop ship software package, which streamline logistics and increase profit margins. Furthermore, logistics providers regularly conduct surveys to find out what drivers are spending their money on and how those drivers are spending it.

With these strategies in place, logistics company can improve productivity, lower costs and increase return on investment. If the logistics solution provider has developed a strong strategic business plan, they may focus on one or two areas. Some companies may need to improve productivity by streamlining the process of receiving and sending freight, while others may need to reduce their logistics costs. Others may be interested in increasing logistics sales and decreasing logistics cost. Depending on the needs of your company, the logistics solution provider may focus on one or a combination of these strategies.

Logistics providers need to be prepared for any changes that may occur in their industry. They need to consider both the short and long term implications of certain actions. If a logistics solution provider is successful, it will help their customers avoid many costly mistakes and implement an effective supply chain. When a company takes on a logistics provider, they are investing in the future of their products and their overall bottom line. This kind of long-term investment results in a sustainable competitive advantage for all kinds of businesses.  Learn more here about cross docking services.

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